Thai Style Sweet Potato Soup
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2 litres

... and about to be consumed!

  • 1 tbls coconut oil
  • 60g ginger (peeled weight)
  • 30g fresh coriander (including trimmed roots)
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 small red chili (deseed if you prefer milder heat)
  • 900g sweet potato (peeled weight and cut into small chunks)
  • 2 tbls veggie stock paste
  • 900g water (if using TM31 do not fill past the 2 litre mark – see notes)
  • 2 tsp sea salt flakes
  • 1 tsp cracked pepper
  • 270g coconut milk (I use Ayam brand)
  • 2 handfuls of spinach leaves
  1. Place coconut oil, ginger, coriander, garlic and chili into TM bowl and chop 3 seconds / speed 7
  2. Scrape down sides of bowl
  3. Sauté 5 minutes / Veroma / speed 1 with MC off
  4. Add sweet potato, stock paste, water and seasonings and cook 20 minutes / 100 / speed 1
  5. Whilst soup is cooking, place spinach leaves into Thermoserver
  6. Check that the sweet potato is cooked by piercing with a fork (if you used larger chunks you may need to cook it for a further 5 minutes / 100 / speed 1)
  7. To puree the soup set timer for 1 minute, then slowly turn speed dial increasing speed from speed 1 to speed 6 for the first 15 seconds, then increase to speed 9 for the remaining 45 seconds
  8. Add ⅔rds of the coconut milk (save the rest for swirling on top of the soup) and blend 15 seconds / speed 4, check for seasoning and blend for another couple of seconds if any is added
  9. Pour soup into Thermoserver over the spinach leaves and allow to rest for 5 minutes, during which time the leaves will be cooked
  10. Serve the soup with a dollop of coconut milk swirled on top of the soup and extra coriander leaves if desired
The soup is nut free, dairy free, gluten free, and Paleo … quite a few ticks!

I only use half a red chili in this dish to keep it relatively mild, so if you prefer your soup “hotter” then use a whole chili.

If you don’t have veggie stock paste then use homemade chicken stock paste if you have it, or replace the stock paste and water with 900g of commercial stock of choice.

Please note that if using a TM31 you must not go over the 2 litre mark when adding the fluid as this will potentially cause an “overflow” when pureeing. So fill the TM bowl with liquid until you reach the 2 litre mark and then stop.
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